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Our library originated in the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences, Languages and Literature, where there was a Department of  Physics library, and this old library turned into the Library of the Institute of Physics.

With the financial support granted since 1967 by BNDE - National Bank for Economic Development, and later by FINEP - Research and Project Funding Agency, and in 1971 with the addition of the General Physics of the Polytechnic School Library, turned into the best collection in the field of physics and related areas in Brazil.

With the opening of the new library in 1975, it allows greater contact with books and existing works and, consequently, an increase in loans and consultations.

In 1977 a pioneering program to automate technical data services was implemented. With the stablishment of SIBi in 1981, a new era in library services began. Integration and System were the new Service to user philosophy.

Continuing the service automation process, in 1992 the software CDS / ISIS (Computerized Documentation System / Integrated Set of Information System) distributed by UNESCO was implemented, adopting the methodology developed by BIREME LILACS - Regional Medical Library.

In 1994, the SBI joined the Network Services Antares, and Since Dec/04/1995 IF Ordinance, with the stablishement of Institute of Physics Library - SBI will have its activities advised.

With the integration of SBI services to the British Library Supply Center in 1996, the interlibrary loan service internationally extended. In the same period the SBI Home page project was started and the first access to the first electronic journals was made. 

Also in 1996, Ordinance IF-52 of 21/Nov/1996 provides the regulation of SBI / IFUSP, and establishes a cooperative agreement with the CIN / CNEN - Nuclear Information Center and the National Commission of Nuclear Energy.

Under the request of IFUSP Director a Technical Library Evaluation was done. Based on the recommendations and considerations presented in the Evaluation Report, the SBI directed its activities towards enhancing services.

With funds granted by FAPESP Infrastructure Project, in 1998 SBI conducted the renovation and expansion of their facilities modernizing its intalations. 

In 1999 international services were expanded with the Stanford Library,   ISTEC / Prebios – Ibero American Science and Technology Education Consortium da Universidade do Novo México, USA and Bireme/SCAD services agreement. Following the USP goals of internationalization, in 2008 the website in English was created.

Since the beginning the Physics Institute Library has worked to improve its collections, services and professional training. Our library is considered one of the most important Physics collections in the country.

To learn about the library, our numbers and specific information see our 2011 Report.


Providing bibliographic information and library resources to serve as a support to teaching and research by  IFUSP faculty and students, as along with special services, according users’ needs.

Respecting its constraints, it also serves external users, organizations and other information systems.

We have a specialized collection in the areas of physics and related sciences.
                 Type of material                                                        Quantity
                 Books                                                                           42,948
                 Theses                                                                           5,144
                 Periodicals (issues)                                                142.828
                 Multimedia                                                                         595
                 Brochures and handouts                                                409
                 IFUSP Publications                                                       1,650

For further information about loans, see the Rules Page.