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Unified Loan

 ORDINANCE GR No. 4830, SEPTEMBER, 28, 2010.
(D.O.E - Rectified on 01.10.2010 and 02.10.2010) About SIBi / USP / Libraries

Establishes and regulates the loan of library materials from the Libraries forming the USP Integrated Library System - SIBi / USP.

The University of São Paulo Rector, considering the need to establish and to regulate the unified loan of bibliographic material from Libraries of the University of São Paulo Integrated Library System  - USP Libraries, to its academic community, establishes the following ordinance;

Users will be automatically enrolled in the SIBi / USP  Libraries at enrollment, in the case of students or at  the time they are hired, in the case of faculty and non-teaching staff. 
The USP Card should be used in the Libraries for loan, reserves, renewals and other services.

Borrowing limit and deadlines
To search, reserve, renew and track your activities with the library via web, go to the Integrated  Search Portal.

Click Identification at the top of the menu. Enter your USP number, password and click OK.

Community USP

Number of items      USP Community                                           Loan Term            ID
10                                Under Graduate courses                               10 days                  USP Card
15                                Graduate courses (Masters and PhD)        20 days                  USP Card
15                                Graduate Specialization                                 20 days                  Enrollment Proof + RG
  4                                Special Student                                                10 days                  Enrollment Proof + RG
20                                Professor                                                          30 days                  USP Card
10                                Employee                                                          10 days                   USP Card


The identification allows you to do the following actions:

· Set preferences and save them as default for future sessions;

· Add items located and search expressions, permanently on "My Space" for future use;

· Set alerts for search expressions, performing them automatically, and send notification by e-mail;

· Access and retrieve external resources available;

· Make reservations for unavailable items ;

Tags and Reviews · included in the records.


It is possible to reserve up to 3 items. After the notice of availability for the loan on the web or receipt of email, the user will have one day to get it at the Library.


Each loan may be renewed up to 3 times on the internet, since there is no reservation for the item. At the 4th time, the book must be presented at the Library.

Suspension for delay

The system applies one day suspension to the loan service for each day of delay in returning the material, per late item. The suspension shall be counted in calendar days.
The one day delay in the renewal or return will result in automatic suspension in all USP libraries.

Replacement of books

The user that damages or misplaces bibliographic material must refund the University with an identical book in good conditions or another one indicated by the library. The book exhausted can be replaced by another indicated by the Library.

 Entrance It is not allowed with:

  • Bags and Backpacks;
  • External books;
  • Drinks and food.