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Probing magnetism with X-rays | LQMEC Synergy

Data do Evento: 
17/02/2023 - 15:00
  • Probing magnetism with X-rays
    LQMEC Synergy com Dr. Julio Criginski Cezar, do Sabiá Beamline, Condensed Matter and Material Science Division, Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory, Brazil
    17/02, 6ª feira, 15h. [Presencial] Auditório Giuseppe Occhialini.
In this talk we will discuss the use of synchrotron radiation to investigate magnetic materials. We will briefly recall the properties of X-rays beams produced by  synchrotrons and how one can use their energy and polarization tunability to obtain chemical selective magnetic information. 
We will then introduce X-ray magnetic dichroism, a technique with potential to disentangle the spin and orbital contributions to the overall magnetic moment, and how it can be used to obtain images based on magnetic contrast down to resolutions of a few nanometers. We will illustrate the use of these techniques with recent results from our group and collaborations, ranging from proximity induced magnetic moments in ultra thin films, to the characterization of skyrmion carrying artificial antiferromagnets and direct imaging of artificial spin ices. We will end showing the instrumentation available at SIRIUS, the new Brazilian  synchrotron, that can be used to obtain this kind of results.
Prof. Julio Larrea:
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Data de Término: 
17/02/2023 - 16:00

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